Each net is completely handmade in our small workshop in the Eden Valley, Cumbria, about 1.5 miles from the River Eden and looking out towards the Lake District.

The handles are made slightly longer, to give that extra reach, typically made from British hardwood, although almost any wood can be used. The hoops are a lamination of Ash or Oak and Sapele. The mesh is fish friendly rubber, quick drying, doesn’t smell and doesn’t snag your hooks. It is ideal for catch and release angling. The whole net is shaped, sanded and polished by hand to 2000 grit, completed with a homemade beeswax and oil finish.

The Wild Trout

The Wild Trout is the perfect size for fish up to and around 2.5lb (with the standard mesh). Ideal for wild fishing and anglers on the move.

Hoop: 42 x 28cm and 24cm deep (17x11x9.5″)

Handle: 26cm (10″)

Overall: 68cm (27″)

Weight: 350grms approx

The Beck Side

Designed for anglers who fish from the bank or can’t wade. With the same size hoop as The Wild Trout but an extended handle for further reach (available in two standard sizes).

Hoop: 42 x 28cm and 24cm deep (17x11x9.5″)

Handle: 40 – 60cm (16 – 24″)

Overall: 80 – 100cm (32 – 40″)

Weight: 400 – 500grms approx

The PB

The next size up, The PB was created with that extra special wild fish in mind or still water Rainbow Trout fishing.

Hoop: 50 x 30cm and 28cm deep (20x12x11″)

Handle: 30cm (12″)

Overall: 80cm (32″)

Weight: 450 grms approx

The Guide

The Guide has the same size hoop as The PB but with a longer handle (available in two standard sizes), perfect for bank or boat fishing or landing a client’s prize.

Hoop: 50 x 30cm and 28cm deep (20x12x11″)

Handle: 50 – 75cm (20 – 30″)

Overall: 100 – 125cm (40 – 50″)

Weight: 500-650 grms approx