Aftercare beeswax


A 10ml tin and 1/4 sheet of sandpaper is included with every net order


The net is finished with a homemade combination of Cumbrian beeswax and Boiled Linseed Oil, it is water resistant and easy to replenish. For the first few outings (particularly if the handle has been hanging in the water) after the wood has been allowed to dry naturally, it is good to apply more coats of finish. A light wipe of finish with a clean cloth and then buff off after an hour or so, is all it needs. This will help waterproof the wood and keep it looking good.

Being made from solid wood the net can move very slightly due to seasonal humidity changes. There is no issue with durability however you may feel a slight ridge between the handle and the hoop or at the brass pins. A light rub down with a fine wet & dry and refinish with wax/oil will bring it back to perfect condition.

Included is a 1/4 sheet of fine wet & dry sandpaper and a 50ml pot of finish.

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