Furled Euro Nymphing Indicator


High-lining, Tight-sticking, Czech, French, Spanish, Euro. Whatever you want to call it Euro-style nymphing is an extremely effective way of fishing.

We think these hand-furled indicators add another step-up in terms of catching fish, they really are the best of both worlds. They are as visible as a braided indicator but much more sensitive.

Furling the mono has numerous benefits: it retains the sensitivity of the mono, needed to detect the most subtle of takes.

When furled, it gives up to 6 variations of colours and superb visibility, very noticeable on dull days or when there is glare on the water. They offer considerably better visibility than the indicator wax.

Being longer than a short braided indicator, means if fishing a particularly deep pool, some or most, of the indicator can be submerged whilst still keeping part of it above the water and in sight.

Being thinner than braid the are less affected by windy conditions, resulting in a better drift and easier to spot takes.

They also have a slight stretch to them, meaning they act as a shock absorber.

Made from top quality 7.2lb tri-colour mono. One end has a 1.5mm Riverge tippet ring and the other has a sz20 micro swivel (this eliminates twist in the indicator). They are approximately 50cm long, due to being handmade there may be a slight variation in length.

Typically the swivel will be tied onto the reel end of your setup and the tippet ring down to the flies.

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