Furled Tapered Leader

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The Furled Leaders we sell are made in the Eden Valley, a stone’s throw from edenMade.

They are made from top quality German thread which produces a very supple leader. Simply fantastic for dry fly angling, they are also excellent for nymphs and the duo.

A quick wipe with red Mucilin paste will keep them floating high in the water and prevent line spray when lifting off. They come in three lengths 3′, 4′ or 5′ with either a shorb loop or a tippet ring. The softer shorb loop is excellent for subtle presentation whereas the tippet ring can be slightly easier to change the tippet.

Furled leaders help prevent drag unlike mono tapered leaders, which are stiff in comparison and cause drag sooner. They also act like a shock absorber when striking into a fish which protects light tippets.
Providing you don’t cut the threads, they last a very long time and the more you grease them the better they become.

Furlies made from mono are also available for turning over larger flies or lures.

They come with an instruction leaflet and are very easy to use and maintain.
Most people that now use them, will never go back to mono tapered leaders.


The length of the leader is usually determined by the rod length:

7′ and smaller rods = 3′ leader

7’6″ to 8’6″ rod = 4′ leader

9′ rod and above = 5′ leader

FREE UK delivery on all edenMADE products. All packaging is 100% recyclable.

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1 review for Furled Tapered Leader

  1. C J

    After my casting became erratic I tried a shorter rod. More importantly using a furl leader made by Mr Trout. Casting still needs work BUT the furl is flyfishing at its best. Gossamer light. Thanks Mr Trout.

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