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edenMade have been working closely with a local engineering company, based in the Lake District. We are very excited to be able to offer a unique magnet and lanyard system, designed and developed specifically for edenMADE nets. They offer one of the strongest magnets on the market, a built in lanyard and two carabiner clips. The full package.

They incorporate the same 2mm oiled leather & solid brass fittings we’ve used from the beginning, for a traditional and clean look.

Coupled with this is the custom 3D printed magnet body, made from Carbon Fibre reinforced PA6 Nylon. The magnets we’ve chosen are the top grade, N52 Neodymium, with a tested pull rating of 5kg.

Two genuine Nite-Ize, S-Biners, made from stainless steel and a 1 meter shock cord lanyard completes the outfit.

The standard arrangement, which we feel works the best, is with the magnet at the top of the hoop and the handle hanging downwards. This way there’s no fumbling around to get the net ready to land that fish you’ve got on the end of the line. The handle is right there, to hand, when you’re reaching for it.

Everything needed is included, and if bought with a net, it will all be ready to clip straight onto the D-ring, or loop, on your vest or pack.

If buying for a net with the old style of leather loops, the loop at the top can be replaced with the new one supplied with the magnet. The loop on the side, with the brass D-ring can remain and is still used for the built in lanyard. A drop of Loc-tite thread locker or superglue is highly recommended to stop the screw working loose (always done when fitted in-house). Fitting instructions are provided.

No expense has been spared on using the best possible materials and components and we feel these are one of the best landing net magnets on the market today.

There is an option to purchase just the base half & with a new leather loop. This is so if you have more than one net you can keep the top half clipped to your vest and just reattach the lanyard to whichever net you’re using.

Please note, due to the length of the nets, if fitting to the longer versions of The Guide of The Beck Side, it is advisable to have the magnet just above the handle, opposite the D-ring loop.

FREE UK delivery on all edenMADE products. All packaging is recyclable.

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3 reviews for Landing Net Magnet

  1. Bill of Best Fishing Scotland

    I have McKenzie Leeda Orvis and an assortment of other net magnets
    Edenmade magnet is lighter but above all significantly stronger than the rest
    Great product

  2. Andrew Gregory (verified owner)

    Excellent design – stronger than any I have tried before. I lose nets at a rate of knots but not now! Worth the price and lovely quality.

  3. Clement B Booth (verified owner)

    This looks to be by far the best product available. You can instantly appreciate that Roger is a serious fly fisher!

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