Leather loops for magnets & lanyards


Included with every net order. Or upgrade to an edenMADE magnet.


These attractive leather loops allow the use of a magnet and lanyard. Made from 2mm oiled leather and a solid brass D-ring and screw stud.

The standard configuration is for the magnet at the top of the hoop and the lanyard on the side. This allows the handle to hang downwards and be in just the right place to reach around and grab. The lanyard is also kept out of the way when netting a fish.

It is highly recommended to use a lanyard as some magnets have been known to detach, particularly when stepping down off the bank.

The screw studs are best fitted with a drop of Loctite to ensure they don’t work themselves loose.

The ‘pair’ fits a frame 9x21mm. For the ‘custom’ size please supply the width and thickness of your frame.

A pair come as standard with a net (only the lanyard loop is supplied with The Guide, unless requested).

FREE UK delivery on all edenMADE products. All packaging is recyclable.

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