Net Building Two Day Workshop


What could be more unique than owning an edenMADE net? How about building it yourself over two days? You will learn all the aspects and technique of  building a handmade wooden landing net and walk away with your own one, ready to use.

The course is one-on-one and has been designed to be completed over a weekend. It is totally hands on and will cover each stage of building your own net, from start to finish.

You will choose the hardwood handle. Hand carve, with a curved sole spoke-shave. Sand,  by using 80 to 2000 grit paper. Drilling the holes to stitch the net before finally oiling and waxing the wood.

Roughly the itinerary, over the two days, will be:

  1. Choose the hardwood you like for the handle.
  2. Cut out and shape the handle to fit the hoop.
  3. Glue the handle and hoop together.
  4. Bend and laminate a new hoop.
  5. Gone fishing (while the glue dries)
  6. Shaping the handle by hand using a spokeshave.
  7. Sanding, drilling the hoop & pinning the handle.
  8. More sanding.
  9. Even more sanding.
  10. Laser the edenMADE logo and finishing touches.
  11. Oiling and waxing the finished net.
  12. Stitching on the mesh and adding the leather loops.

The glue must be given around 4 hours to dry, weather depending, we should be able to do a few hours of fly-fishing on the Saturday morning, either on the River Eden or a small stream (weather and time dependant). Being only a few miles from the River Eden, there should also be enough time to get some fishing in on the Saturday evening too!

The majority of the processes are using hand tools and with a bit of help and guidance will all be carried out by you. There are a few elements (particularly the hoop making) which use workshop power tools. For safety, these will be performed by myself.

Due to the time that must be given to the glue setting, we will use a hoop which I have already made, however, the of making of another hoop will still be done during the course.

We would aim to be fully finished by around 5pm on the Sunday. This is largely dependant on progress on the Saturday, so the timings may need to be adjusted slightly on the day. I will always do everything I can to get the net finished and in perfect condition to take home with you on the Sunday.

Lunch, from the local Appleby butcher will be provided on both days. Refreshments also throughout the day. All materials and tools will be available and provided. Fishing permit included. Accommodation, fishing tackle & other meals not included. I can send a list of local accommodation providers (no affiliation).

There will only be 4 courses running per year. Most weekends should be available but please get in touch first if you are only able to do specific dates or would like any more information. Pricing depends on the size, type and extras of the net.

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