The Petteril – Wet/Nymph Box


Looking for a fly box to compliment your net? How about one that’s been made from the same woods as the nets?

Each fly box is completely unique, made up from strips of hardwoods, cut from the off-cuts of the nets. These strips not only look beautiful but also are a great way to use what would otherwise be waste.

The ‘catch’ is two pairs of 5mm rare earth magnets and the solid brass hinges are fully recessed. This means there is nothing to snag on your pockets or catch in your bag.

The range of wet fly boxes can be fitted with a choice of rippled, slotted or plain foam inserts.

Also available is a dry fly compartment box.

Each box has been hand finished up to 2000grit sandpaper and then waxed with homemade beeswax and oil wood finish. This protects the wood but is also easy to reapply. The foam inserts are attached with industrial double sided tape, which allows them to be replaced if required.


Outer: 14x11cm (5×4″)

Inner: 12x9cm (4.5×3.5″)

Depth: 3cm (1.25″) inc. lid

The lead time on a fly box is 6-8 weeks from the order.

Please note these boxes are not waterproof. If they become very wet, allow to dry naturally (not next to a radiator) and apply edenMADE bees wax finish.

Custom inscription details can be left in the ‘Order Notes’ at the bottom of the checkout or by email.

FREE fully insured, UK delivery on all edenMADE products. All packaging is 100% recyclable.

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